NASA Astronaut takes on Lebanon and Dubai

Updated: May 24, 2018

After a year of preparation the Young Leaders Development Program successfully hosted a NASA Astronaut's visit in collaboration with The Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information. On the Afternoon of April 23rd Lebanon welcomed, and for the first time, a NASA astronaut Dr Donald Thomas (Dr Don). Dr Donald was set to embark on an inspiring journey that will inspire the Lebanese youth who are the future hope and pride of the nation. Dr Don visited and shared his inspirational story with students in 30 schools and 10 universities. Furthermore Dr Don was the guest of honor at the Lebanese peace conference where he let the first hot air ballon sour into the sky this symbolizes the unity between the

human race as we all share the same atmosphere.

Dr Don was also interviewed many times for different newspapers, magazines, and national Lebanese television stations stations.

Dr Don later arrived in Dubai to speak to four corporate companies Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Nestle, Emirates, and Valtrans. During his stay in Dubai Dr Don also inspired five schools and one university with his talk about fulfilling your dreams. Dr Don always left his listeners with an inspiring quote that sums up all his life experience in a literal and metaphorical manner "Keep your eyes on the starts."

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