Internship Program


Provides a bridge between school and work and assists young adults in choosing an appropriate career path.



·         Understand career planning & goal setting

·         Determine students’ personal traits and values and how these traits affect their personal and career planning (Self-Awareness)

·         Provide opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom in real-word setting

·         Determine their career interest

·         Understand the trends of the labor market


Learning Outcomes:

Students should be able to:

·         Practice knowledge learned to solve real-world problems

·         Develop relevant skills and competencies necessary to perform effectively in a professional setting

·         Establish and build a professional network

·         Gain exposure to professional fields

·         Practice proper business etiquette

·         Practice and learn the dynamics of professional organizational culture

·         Assess one’s own performance and progress against one’s own set goals

·         Identify new areas for growth and interest

·         Provide feedback to help the student reflect on the learning outcomes

·         Examine one’s passion and gift through feedback and reflection on the internship experience