Young Entrepreneur 


Offers a place for youth to experience, connect, learn, and collaborate on business ideas. Youth learn how to look for opportunities and take the required actions to realize them.



·         Acquire relevant skills to succeed

·         Convert their ideas into real enterprises

·         Equip them with the know-how to successfully lead their business

·         Facilitate exchanges of experience

·         Learn & work with experienced entrepreneur


Learning Outcomes:

Students should be able to:

·         Recognize a business opportunity that fits the individual student

·         Assessing the commercial viability of a new idea/opportunity

·         Seize opportunities and transform research-based ideas into feasibility- and business plans

·         Design and develop a business and marketing plans to start a small business.

·         Compile and prepare financial information

·         Present new ideas to the market

·         Assess the need for innovation and initiate the process

·         Lead to success

Beirut, Lebanon

Dubai, UAE

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