YLDP Talks



YLDP Talk is a platform for youth to voice their opinions & have their says in matters that concern them while practicing their public speaking skills.




·         To increase self-esteem, self-confidence and self–belief through self-expression and group engagement.

·         To gain knowledge through self-exploration, self-learning, and group interaction.

·         To improve communication and presentation skills

·         Improve listening skills

·         To develop leadership ability and foster the right values and attitude

·         To network and interact with other like-minded young leaders and organizations

·         To give the youth exposure and sensitize the community on issues affecting them


Learning Outcomes:

Students should be able to:

·         Overcome fear of public speaking

·         Use voice, movement, and body language to influence and affect the audience.

·         Research, write and deliver focused, convincing and analytical speech in clear, grammatical prose.

·         Apply how to craft presentations around essential objectives

·         Present key concepts and ideas

·         Design and present effective visuals

·         Employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery

·         Tailor speech for various audiences and purposes and deliver it within a specific time interval

·         Recognize the ability to understand self and communication with others.

·         Identify and clarify individual values & attitude

·         Boost self-esteem & confidence

·         Appraise the impact of active, passive, and empathic listening.

·         Analyze and identify the necessary interpersonal skills for effective small and large group interactions

·         Establish a network of like-minded young leaders and world class organizations