Executive Development Program


Executive Development Program is designed to increase the young leaders’ self-awareness, manage their resources, create an inspiring social environment, build and maintain empowering relationship, sharpen their leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of planning, organizing and execution. This exclusive program combines facilitated learning, leadership practices, action planning to boost participants’ performance, self-confidence and design emotionally intelligent young leaders.



To prepare emotionally, socially and positively intelligent young leaders


Learning Outcomes:

Students should be able to:

·         Increase self-awareness to maximize leadership strengths

·         Identify obstacles

·         Manage growth areas

·         Aligning personal and career vision

·         Develop a set of personal practices to ensure a resilient and inspiring life

·         Boost positive character development

·         Apply a disciplined lifestyle of action

·         Nurture and enrich your key relationships

·         Maximize time and energy to maintain long-term sustainability in life and leadership

·         Focus on practical leadership skills like time management, delegation, prioritization, and decision making

·         Gain knowledge of leadership and business functions

·         Identify problems and formulate solutions

·         Build skills for effective decision making

·         Develop a personal leadership capabilities and insight