Young Leaders Development Program will be the leading in the United Arab Emirates and recognized globally for its participation in educational and leadership achievements and enrichment of social development. We aim to create and discover Distinct, enlightened, creative, & stable youth workforce


Young Leaders Development Program will prepare qualified graduates who are able to contribute to building the nation through offering specializations and programs of study which match international standards and by providing an excellent learning environment to strengthen the role of the programme and

About Us

YLDP is about building the necessary attitude and skills in youth to develop their social, emotional, and positive intelligence. To help students develop new and inspiring understandings of themselves and the world around them, to become skilled in the internal and external relationship and conflict management, and to listen and communicate effectively with themselves and others. While the education system deals primarily with the mental and academic stimulus, YLDP gives participants multitudes of actual life and hand on opportunities and provides sequential learning activities that build on one another to deepen participants’ understanding of themselves and the environment around them. Accordingly, the objectives of the


program can be summarized as follows:

1. Develop students’ self-awareness.
2. Develop students’ abilities of self-management.
3. Develop students’ social awareness.
4. Develop students’ ability of managing relationships.
5. Develop students’ ability to manage conflict.